The Importance of Customer Experience in Your Automotive CRM

Modern CRMs leverage data to predict in-market customer behaviors and provide a clear path of action and specific direction for personalized customer engagements and accountability for dealership teams.  

In this webinar, you will hear from Brian Huth, General Manager at Sam Pack Five Star Ford, Dave Raymond, President at Erinwood Ford, and George Hill, General Manager at Erinwood Ford and Direct Nissan, as they emphasize how customer activities and behaviors drive your automotive CRM data to provide a clear workflow for dealerships to:

  1. Optimize data in one ecosystem (DMS, Data Mining, Desking, and CRM) 
  2. Leverage data and ai-driven sales and service follow-up that are triggered by customer interactions and behaviors instead of old, time-based events only
  3. Provide an easy path of action for each customer and accountability for the dealership.
  4. Enhance data and predictive analytics to deliver customer-influenced interactions that generate sales and brand loyalty

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